by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© April 2011, The Center For Development


Each day, when you wake up in the morning, here is my suggestion for a spa morning routine to begin your day in a spiritual and healing manner:

A. Drink a few large glasses or up to a quart of good water such as spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.

B. Have a sauna session.  Pre-heat and then enter a near infrared sauna for 20-40 minutes, but not more than an hour.  Shower or towel off afterwards, and rest at least 10 minutes afterwards to allow the body to readjust.

C. Twist your spine as recommended on this website to make sure the spine is adjusted properly.  For more on this read How To Help Adjust Your Spine.

D. Do a coffee enema. Retain the coffee at least 10 minutes and preferably for 15 to 30 minutes.  For instructions on how to do this, read Coffee Enemas.

E. Meditate.  During your sauna session and coffee enema, and perhaps afterward, spend at least half an hour or more doing the modified Roy Masters meditation –and no other meditations.  This is critical, as many meditations are not helpful for healing and mental development of the type recommended on this website.  Other meditations are less helpful, in my experience, although they may produce other interesting effects,

Meditations are like vehicles.  They will take you places in your mind.  Some relax you, some take you to amazing journeys inside the mind.  Some will give sexual or kundalini effects, and so on.  The Roy Masters meditation exercise, done properly, breaks your programming, shows you the truth about yourself and others, grounds and centers you, protects you and undoes confusion in the mind and the body.  However, any time you spend on any other meditation may be fun and exciting, but is often a waste of time and perhaps dangerous.  Many older meditations are not working as well today.  Nor are other older procedures like yoga, chanting, TM, affirmations, chi kung and so on.

F. Drink about 10-12 ounces of carrot juice.  You can make it fresh, preferably, or buy it at the store.  If possible, do not add fruit juice to it.  If you make it fresh, add a few green leaves such as spinach or chard to it.  Once or twice weekly, have an ounce or two of wheat grass juice instead.

G. Wait 15 minutes after carrot juice.  Then eat properly, resting a little before and after your meals.

H. Take your supplements.  At times you may not want to, but the correct ones are essential and will move you ahead much faster.

I. Rest and relax as much as possible, and take life easy.  If possible, take a nap or two every day.  This may only take 15 minutes, or at times, it may take an hour or more.

J. A short, very slow and gentle walk every day is also excellent, if possible.

K. Most important for many people, do not waste your energy and time.  We only have our time, and if you fill it with too much shopping, friends, exercise workouts, yoga classes, tai chi classes, chi kung classes, Facebook, long phone calls, or projects that take hours and hours, your progress will be slow.  Even charity work is not a good use of time if it interferes with your spa morning routine. 

The spa morning takes about 2 hours or a little more.  If you must work or have other obligations, then go to bed early and do as much of the spa routine as you can.

You can combine the procedures above to save time.  For example, you can meditate while lying down doing a coffee enema.  The important thing is to do these things, and not others.  This is the secret that I have discovered.