by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© April 2012, The Center For Development, Inc.

This very short article is a stern warning that one cannot count on the high quality of old familiar brands of products.  The reason is that large companies that are often secretly owned or controlled by pharmaceutical corporations and other medical product companies are buying up many smaller and larger natural food and natural product companies and then ruining the quality of the products.  This is truly a shame, but is something one must be aware of.

My own recent experiences.  For example, I recently had the following experience.  I bought some Shaklee soap and shampoo.  Shaklee is an older natural product company that had and may still have a good reputation.  However, when I poured some shampoo on my hands while in the shower, the product actually burned my hand.  I had to wash it off immediately.

I have had the same experience with other food and vitamin products, including those from Standard Process Vitamin Company, some hair mineral testing laboratories, and several other vitamin companies, and food companies.  In summary, you cannot trust many of your old trusted brands of foods and supplements today, as they are often secretly being sold out to large companies who may say they wish to continue the tradition of quality, but in fact their real goal is to destroy the products and destroy the health of those who use the products so you will require their drugs, instead.

If you call the natural product company and ask if they were recently sold to someone else, they often will lie, or the employees simply do not know the truth.  The entire transaction can be done secretly, in some cases, and purposely so.  This can be so confusing for the natural health practitioners and for the consuming public that it is almost unimaginable, at times.  One day or one month a product or service is superb, and the next day or month, the product or service has changed in some subtle way and is not healthful at all.  It can be as simple as using a different type of sea salt, for example, in a blue corn chip, or different packaging.



Raiding companies, as it is called, and then cheapening their products and services is bad enough, but not uncommon.  Often, large companies buy out smaller ones as an investment in the future, to expand their product line, and simply to make money. 

However, the subject of this article – buying of natural food and skin care companies - is far more sinister.  In this case, the goal is often not to cheapen the product, but to make it unhealthful so the consumer is forced to use more drugs surgery and other conventional medical abd even naturopathic methods.  The goal is also to upset the consumer by faking quality and lying about their products and services.



To make things even more confusing for the owners of natural product companies, those who wish to destroy the products and the consumers who use them often, if not usually, buy the company secretly.  Their secret agents negotiate everything, and often with fake references, and fake everything to make it all look very legitimate.

In addition, the drug makers and their allies often are willing to overpay for the company millions of dollars, so the deals are extremely tempting for business owners.  It tends to make the business owners believe that the buyers would not just let the company go into ruin, when this is not necessarily the case.  

You see, the drug companies and device makers have so many billions of dollars that they do not mind “wasting” 50 or 100 million dollars on a natural food company, simply so they can control the products, and slowly or quickly make them less healthful or even toxic.  This is the fact, today, sad to say.

Therefore, anyone who is willing to overpay for your natural product company or service should be terribly suspect, business owners.  And remember, the buyer is often not whom the natural food company people believe it is.  The large pharmaceutical houses operate so many trusts and legal entities that finding out who the real buyer is, is well high impossible. 

Once again, the goal is not just to cheapen the products and services, which is bad enough, but to actually make them harmful for health in some subtle way, which is not difficult to do by adding or changing an ingredient here and there.  Since they have no scruples anyway, they are not likely to report the changes to the Food and Drug authorities, so there little way to find out what they are doing, except for your personal experience. 

So please be careful, and know this to be true in some cases – more and more, in my experience.