by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© October 2011, The Center For Development, Inc.

Some health authorities are recommending that people apply magnesium oil to the skin as a source of magnesium.  This often has symptomatic effects to increase one’s energy.  I believe this is a very dangerous and unnatural therapy that must be avoided.  One of our patients started it and had a stroke and I have heard of similar disasters from its use, although occasional use is okay.

The type of magnesium used is often magnesium chloride, which is a toxin.  Also, administering it through the skin is not natural at all, and not the best way to obtain magnesium.  Magnesium is not found in too many foods today, so many people are deficient.  However, it is found in whole grains and in cooked vegetables in sufficient quantity, if people eat plenty of cooked, not raw vegetables.

Alcohol use and eating refined food diets depletes magnesium, and should be avoided as well.