1.  HOW THIS PROGRAM WORKS.  This healing program helps improve the energy-producing mechanisms of your body.  Energy then becomes available for healing, regeneration, removing toxic metals and for all other activities.  Balancing body chemistry and keeping it balanced through periodic retesting is the key to raising the energy level.  Note that symptoms are relieved in their order of severity, and not necessarily in the order that you might desire.  Most people have serious latent conditions that may be healed first, before other symptoms go away.  

2.  HEALING REACTIONS.   You may temporarily experience aches and pains, colds, sore throats, flare-ups of old injuries or other symptoms.  These are called healing reactions.  These may be due to the elimination from the body of toxic metals, drugs, chemicals or other foreign substances, or the healing of chronic infections.

As your adaptive energy increases, a ‘housecleaning’ takes place.  Imagine you own a large house and have not had the energy to keep it clean.  As your energy increases, your body automatically begins to cleanse and repair itself.  Temporary symptoms are evidence of this healing.  PLEASE CALL if these symptoms are annoying.  Symptoms can often be alleviated by slight changes in your program.

3.  HOW LONG TO STAY ON A PROGRAM.  Some people notice improvement within a few weeks to a few months.  However, this healing program is aimed at deep and permanent correction of body chemistry.  To replenish 20 to 30 minerals and eliminate dozens of toxic substances requires two or three years or more depending on how well you can follow the diet, supplements, lifestyle, detoxification protocol and mental training exercise.      

4.  EMOTIONAL CHANGES.   As your energy level increases, very positive emotional and attitudinal changes often occur.  Your nervous system begins to function better and more energy brings an enhanced ability to feel and express yourself.  Also, energy becomes available to work through long-buried emotional traumas.  Finally, memories are linked to mineral patterns.  As you release unhealthy mineral patterns, often unhealthy emotions, memories and attitudes release as well.

If negative feelings or unpleasant memories surface, usually it is sufficient to JUST OBSERVE THEM and they will pass.  If any emotional symptom is bothering you, please contact your practitioner.

5.  COMBINING WITH OTHER PROGRAMS.   Please do not combine this program with other dietary, nutrient or herbal regimens.  These will impair its effectiveness.  Please ask us before adding other nutritional or herbal remedies.  However, other holistic therapies such as chiropractic, body work, quality massage, or cranio-sacral therapy combine excellently with this program and are highly recommended. Remain on prescribed medication unless we discuss it or you consult the prescribing physician.

6.  RETESTING.  Periodic retesting of the minerals is very important to monitor progress and guide changes in your diet, supplement and detoxification program.