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Detoxification is a very critical subject today for anyone who wishes to restore and maintain health.  This article discusses many detoxification procedures in some depth.  The article is divided into three important sections:


1. Methods I strongly recommend as part of a nutritional balancing program.  These have unique properties that we may not understand, but in the right combination they are marvelous, in my experience.

2. Methods that are not that harmful, but are less effective or not as good in some way.  I recommend them much less often, perhaps only in special situations or for a certain few people.

3. Methods to avoid.  They are harmful or ineffective, or problematic for some other reason. 


Warning:  No claims are made for any procedures described here.  Nor are these procedures intended as treatments or prescriptions for any disease or condition.  The following is presented for educational purposes only.




Since ancient times, human beings have known that the accumulation of certain toxins in the body is an important cause of disease, aging and death.  So-called modern allopathic medical care acknowledges toxicity as a cause of disease to a slight degree, such as the accumulation of bacteria, viruses, or a few other poisons.  However, they have either forgotten or just ignore the concept in most cases.  In fact, the remedies and procedures they prescribe are often quite toxic.  This causes many “side effects”, many thousands of lawsuits, kills thousands of patients each year, and wastes billions of dollars of the people’s money.

Even if one knows about the problem of toxicity, clearing out two dozen toxic metals, hundreds of toxic chemicals, and often dozens of chronic infections safely and quickly is a challenge.  Nutritional balancing science  specializes in this activity and gets amazing results by combining about 17 different detoxification methods in a unique manner.

As humanity improves its understanding of the body and how to heal it, I believe detoxification will once again take its place as a major requirement to heal the body and the brain.




Detoxification is a major focus of nutritional balancing science.  When these programs are designed correctly, one can remove:

a. All of the toxic metals (at least two dozen), often many at once.

b. Toxic forms of physiological or vital minerals.  These include toxic forms of the “amigos”, for example, such as iron, manganese, copper, selenium, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium and others.

c. Hundreds of toxic chemicals.  These are found in the water, air and food supply today, and acquired through direct contact with the skin or elsewhere.

d. Biological toxins.  These include millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi or yeasts, and parasites.

e. Other toxins.  These include mental and emotional toxins such as anger, fear, fixed ideas, as well as even more subtle types of toxins sometimes called etheric toxins.


Nutritional balancing uses about 20 methods simultaneously to remove these toxins.  Among the most important are:

a. Making the body more yang.

b. Enhancing adaptive energy or vitality.

c. Enhancing the activity of the eliminative organs.

d. Avoiding exposure.

e. Balancing major mineral levels, ratios and patterns in the cells

f. Balancing the oxidation rate

g. Inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system

h. Balancing the body electrically.

i. Stimulating circulation

j. Renourishing the body

k. Rehydrating the body, if needed

l. Reducing stress on the body organs through a more healthful lifestyle.

m. Assuring that spinal misalignments are not impairing organ function.

n. Working with the channel system through foot reflexology.

o. Moving energy downward through the body using the Roy Masters mental exercise with my modification.

p. Increasing rest.

q. Reducing or eliminating all stressful activities and habits.

r. Learning better ways to think about the world.

s. Very careful use of only the most mild chelators.  These are distilled water, sulfur-containing amino acids, a little vitamin C, and rarely alginates.

However, I never use chlorella, cilantro (except as a food), spirulina, herbs, or synthetic chelators such as DMSA, DMPS, EDTA, penicilamine, defoxamine and others.  These are not needed, and are always somewhat harmful.  To learn more, readChelation Therapy.


All these methods must be integrated and coordinated as a healing program, or they are not effective and may conflict with each other.  This subject is explored in more depth in other articles on this website, notably the article entitled Toxic Metals.  It is also discussed in some depth in the textbooks, Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis, and Sauna Therapy by this author.




              The nutritional balancing diets (the slow or fast oxidizer diets).  While these are not specifically for detoxification, the correct diet is absolutely necessary if one wishes to detoxify the body quickly and safely.  I cannot overemphasize this too much.  There are many reasons for this, but most have to do with balancing the oxidation rate, providing enough of the right nutrients needed for the liver, kidneys and other organs, and providing sulfur-containing amino acids in abundance.

A serious problem with vegetarian and especially vegan diets. I definitely recommend meat and eggs to assist detoxification in the liver.  We find that most vegetarians, while they may avoid toxins found in meats and fish, also cannot remove toxic metals very well at all!  Among other reason, it is because these diets are too low in the sulfur-containing amino acids (see below) and they are too yin.  They are also deficient in other nutrients needed for detoxification.





To read this article in Greek, click here.


              This is a very important procedure in nutritional balancing science, to be used daily and in some cases, twice daily.  For a detailed description of the reasons for using coffee enemas and instructions for doing them, please read Coffee Enemas.




Sauna therapy is one of the finest ways to remove toxic metals, toxic chemicals, chronic infections and other blockages in the body.  Infrared sauna therapy, in particular, is highly effective for detoxification.


  Types of saunas.  Three common types of saunas exist.  The traditional sauna is a room with a heater.  These are found at health clubs and spas.  This is the least effective sauna for healing, in our opinion.  However, it is used in some detoxification programs, such as the Hubbard program, with excellent success.
             The far infrared sauna came into use about 45 years ago.  It penetrates the skin, which adds another dimension to the sauna experience and appears to enhance detoxification.  However, these saunas, if they are truly far infrared, emit damaging electromagnetic radiation to some extent.  Also, the frequencies are not the best, in our view.  We are not happy with most of these that we test.  Therefore, we don’t recommend the far infrared or FIR sauna very much at this time.
            The near infrared lamp sauna uses infrared heat lamps as the heat source.  It also penetrates the deepest of all the saunas and does not emit any harmful electromagnetic fields.  It is the best sauna we have found, in general.

How Often.  One may use a sauna once a month for pleasure.  However, for therapy one must use the sauna at least weekly.  For best results, use the sauna each day, once or twice daily.
            If one is very debilitated, be sure to begin with once or twice a week, and only for 10 or 15 minutes maximum.  As you feel comfortable in the sauna, you may increase the time and the frequency of use.
            Work up to daily use as one is able. When beginning, many people overdo the sauna, either the amount of time inside, or the frequency of sauna sessions.
            Always start slowly, even if you believe you are in superb physical condition.  Many people do not sweat easily.  Instead, their bodies can overheat if one starts with an hour session, for example.
             ALWAYS LEAVE ANY SAUNA IF YOU FEEL VERY FAINT, DIZZY OR SICK.  This does not mean the sauna is harmful for you. It often just means you are not used to it and your body needs to adapt slowly to sweating and removing toxins through the skin and elsewhere.
            Over time, you will get used to the heat and the body will sweat better.  In a few weeks to a few months, as the body acclimates and is more able to regulate its temperature, sweating becomes easier. Also, the more one relaxes, the more one will sweat.

Time of day for saunas.  The more relaxed you are, the more benefit you will derive from a sauna session.  If possible, enter the sauna either first thing in the morning, as soon as you arise, or last thing at night before retiring for the night.  These are the times of the day when most people are relaxed a maximum amount.

Before a Sauna Session.  Avoid heavy meals two hours before a sauna session. Avoid alcohol or other intoxicating substances.  Drink eight ounces of water before entering a sauna.  Spring or distilled water is highly recommended.
            Add sea salt and two tablespoons daily of kelp to your diet to help replace any minerals lost through sweating.  A few people have reactions when they take kelp.  If so, use less and work up slowly.  The usual reason is that kelp is causing a rapid elimination of the iodine antagonists  - chlorides, fluorides and bromides.

Do not take niacin, as some doctors recommend.  I find it to be toxic and quite severely so.  It can take years to remove from the liver.  This was recommended by Ron Hubbard, of Scientology, but I don’t like it and it is not needed at all.
            Remove metal jewelry before entering the sauna, as it may become very hot.  Do not put any oils on your skin before a sauna, as they also may become very hot, especially in an infrared type of sauna. 

Preheating.  Before entering a hot air sauna, preheat to 150° F or so.  If you are using a near infrared or far infrared sauna, enter as soon as one turns it on and you will warm up with the sauna.
            For a more intense experience, preheat infrared saunas to about 90-100° F.  Do not operate at above 120 F. for a near infrared lamp sauna or about 140 F. for a far infrared sauna.

During a Sauna Session.  Light clothing may be worn in a traditional sauna.  Do not wear a lot of clothing in a far or near infrared sauna for best penetration of the infrared rays.  However, a bikini bathing suit is fine, if needed. 
            Use a small towel to wipe off the sweat. Sit on another towel. Have a third towel on the floor to avoid slipping. Talking or working are not recommended while in a sauna. Meditate or relax.
            To enhance the effects of a sauna session, visualize absorbing the heat and energy. Deep, slow breathing and good posture are very helpful. Sound therapy such as listening to low tones is also excellent. Aromatherapy is also very effective during a sauna session. 

Rotating in a lamp sauna.  If one’s sauna uses infrared heat lamps that are all on one wall, one needs to rotate 90 degrees every few minutes or so to heat the body evenly.  Sit on a stool or a chair without a back.  Face the bulbs, then turn to the side, and then turn around to so your back is facing the lamps.
            Also, be sure to avoid touching the hot bulbs.  Keeping your eyes open and even looking at the bulbs is okay, according to the manufacturer.  However, I do not recommend staring at them.
            Also, do not allow water, a towel or clothing touch the hot bulbs.  One will not get a tan in an infrared sauna, though the skin may redden for an hour afterwards.

Finishing Up. How long one remains inside a sauna depends on one’s health condition.  Most people do well with 20-50 minutes in a sauna.  We do not recommend more than an hour at a time.
            When finished, take a shower to rinse off the toxins that are excreted during the sauna bath.  If this is not possible, then towel off with a damp or dry towel.
            We do not recommend a cold plunge or cold shower after a sauna.  However, a warm or tepid shower is probably better than a very hot shower.
            Avoid using soap if possible, as you should be quite clean after sweating.  Use shampoo and conditioner only if needed. Most contain chemicals toxic to the body.  Also skip most oils, lotions and creams. These also contain chemicals that may clog the pores.  Use only the most natural skin care products to enhance the effects of the sauna.
            Use a skin brush or loofa to remove more toxins.  Brush all over, even your face and hair if you desire.  Painful at first, it soon feels wonderful.   Skin brushing enhances the cleansing effect.
            Drink eight ounces of water during or after a sauna session.  If you sweat profusely, you may drink more.  Finally, sit or lie down for at least 10 minutes after your sauna session. These simple steps allow the body to reap the full benefit of the sauna experience.

Keeping safe in saunas.  Saunas have at least a one thousand-year history of remarkable safety.  In fact, the native Americans where I live told me the Indian sweat lodge has been in use for 40,000 years!
            However, today many people may use saunas who have chronic illnesses that may affect their ability to tolerate the sauna’s heat.  In our experience with those with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, joint replacements and many other conditions, the sauna appears to be very safe.  Here are a few signs, however, that indicate that one should leave the sauna soon:
            1. The body temperature should not increase more than four degrees.
            2.The pulse should not increase more than 50% of the resting pulse.
            3. Sweating should not stop suddenly.
            4. Some faintness and feeling of fatigue or weakness is normal during or after a sauna session.  However, if you feel very faint, end the sauna session and lay down for at least 10 minutes.

Healing Reactions. Healing reactions are temporary symptoms that occur as toxic substances are eliminated and chronic infections heal.  Symptoms vary from mild odors, tastes or rashes to periods of fatigue, bowel changes, aches, pains or headaches.
            Many people have chronic infections, often treated with antibiotics that killed most of the bacteria but did not eliminate bad tissue and all the organisms. These may flare up as they are healed due to repeated sauna use.
            Almost all healing flare-ups or purification reaction symptoms are benign, though they are often vigorous.  See other articles on this website for details about healing crises, as they are sometimes called.  If in doubt, always consult a knowledgeable practitioner who is familiar with healing reactions and with sauna therapy.

Emotional healing reactions may also occur.  For example, memories of past traumas may arise consciously or in dreams as they come up to be resolved.  Temporary anxiety or other emotional states may occur.  These usually pass within a few hours to a few days.
            Some are directly related to the elimination of toxic substances from the body.  Others are associated with other types of emotional and physical clearing that can occur with the use of near infrared saunas, in particular.

Supervision. Saunas are safe for most people providing one follows the rules here described.  Always move slowly and carefully in and around a sauna.  Accidents can occur due to slippery surfaces.
            Supervision is always best, especially if one has a health condition. If debilitated or very heat-sensitive, begin with less time in a sauna. The presence of an attendant or friend is also most helpful.
            Consult a health professional if one has any serious health condition. Those who have used LSD or other psychotropic drugs require an attendant close by, as removal of drugs from tissue storage sites may cause flashbacks or even full-blown LSD trips.
            Pregnant women and children under five should avoid saunas.  Young children must be accompanied by an adult. Continue prescribed medication while taking saunas unless directed otherwise by the prescribing physician.

For Acute Infections.  If one has an acute infection with fever or other acute symptoms, more frequent, shorter sauna sessions are better until the infection subsides.  Most people can use the sauna 15 minutes about 5 times a day during infections.
            Always check with someone knowledgeable if you are unsure about sauna use, although in general saunas are quite safe.  To review many medical references for saunas, see the Sauna Therapy article.  Also available is our book, Sauna Therapy. Click on the title to see the table of contents and how to order this book.




This simple, cost-free method works exceedingly well, once you begin to understand how to use it.  It is superb, especially if the elimination process is stalled or moving slowly.  However, it is wonderful all of the time.

To learn about how to do reflexology on yourself and your family, please read Reflexology on this site.  The article also contains a foot reflex chart that you can print and use.




            This exercise is quite unique, and is not the same as other concentration exercises, meditations, visualizations, affirmations, or other types of exercises.  To learn how to do it, read Mental Exercise For Healing.




            This is a simple and safe type of physical exercise that only takes a minute or less, but can help keep your spinal column aligned properly throughout the day and night.  To learn how to do it, please read How To Help Adjust Your Spine.




Juicing is a popular method to renourish the body.  It allows one to ingest many more vegetables than if one were eating them whole because the pulp is removed.  Pulp is largely fiber and is not digestible by human beings.  Juicing effectively concentrates the food and is tasty.   It is more work, but modern juicers are not that difficult to clean.  See below for juicer recommendations.

WARNING 1: Unfortunately, most people who do juicing overdo it, in my view.  Ten to Twelve ounces of carrot juice with a few greens mixed in, perhaps, is enough for most people.  More causes the body to become too yin.  This is very damaging, no matter what other benefits occur from juicing.

WARNING 2. Do not juice fruits.  They are too sweet and too yin.

WARNING 3. Do not just juice greens.  This is also too yin.  Carrot is a root vegetable and red in color, and is more yang. This is most important, as well.


Juicing for cancer.  Juicing has saved lives, and is used in many cancer therapies.  Max Gerson, MD and the Gerson Clinic in Mexico use a lot of juices for healing cancer, for example, as does the Hippocrates Health Institute, which advocates wheat grass juice.

However, my information is that the Gerson method and even the Ann Wigmore method of healing are not working as well today.  Dr. William Kelley, who pioneered the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy, now offered best by Mrs. Pamela McDougle, limits juice to about 16 ounces daily, among other recommendations.  This therapy for cancer is working much better and is one I recommend.  For more on cancer, read Cancer and Alternatives on this site.


Juicing Recommendations. For most people, I recommend ONLY 10-12 ounces daily of vegetable juice, and no fruit juice.  Fruit juice, with its high sugar content and unbalanced mineral content, is extremely yin and to be avoided totally. Children must have a little less, depending on their size and weight.  However, carrot and green juice are excellent for children, and often liked by children.  The reasons for these recommendations are explained below.

Problems with too much juicing. Juicing is not without problems.  The problems with juicing are:


1. Juices are extremely yin. Yin is a Chinese medical term that means cold, raw and broken apart, and often ill.  Yin and yang are very subtle energetic concepts, but ones that are critical for our health today. The problem with juicing today is that our bodies are already very yin from toxic metal exposure, ionizing radiation exposure, electromagnetic stress, and other reasons. Too much juicing makes them even more yin, and this is quite dangerous, as any traditional Chinese medical practitioner will tell you.  This is critical to understand.

I know that many holistic doctors suggest much more juicing.  To read more about why I do not recommend more than up to 16 ounces of vegetable juice only each day, read the articles on this site entitled Raw Foods and Juices and Yin and Yang Healing.


2. Juices, if taken with other foods, are usually bad food combinations because they are too watery, in addition to being too yin.  This upsets digestion in all cases.  To avoid this problem, 1) swish the juice around in your mouth so most is absorbed in the mouth, and 2) drink juice preferably alone, away from meals.  Wait at least 15 minutes after having vegetable juice to eat anything at all.  This will give the juice time to be absorbed in the stomach and mouth, so it won’t interfere with food.


3. The high sugar content of fruit juices and even carrot juice in some cases, can upset the blood sugar. However, we like carrot juice for its special calcium content.  If 10-12 ounces of it upsets your digestion or blood sugar, drink half immediately and save half in the refrigerator, to drink in a few hours.  This usually takes care of this problem.

However, this is why one must avoid all fruit juices, including most lemonade, cranberry juice and all others.  They are just too sweet and yin.  Citrus fruits, by the way, such as oranges and grapefruit, are among the most yin foods on planet earth, and therefore never recommended in any form – juiced or whole – even though they are nutritious as are all fruits.

Coconut and palm are also among the most yin fruits on planet earth and for this reason also to be avoided in all forms such as coconut water and coconut milk.  Fruit acids and a toxic form of potassium found in fruits are also problems with fruits, and this is worse if one consumes any fruit juice at all.  So please avoid them all for all these reasons.

Carrot juice.  A very excellent juice for most people includes mostly carrot juice daily.  It is best to add some greens such as spinach, kale or Swiss chard leaves, or other green vegetables to the carrot juice.  The carrots are critical as a source of bioavailable calcium.  Do not add fruit to this juice, please, unless you must add a bit for a child to drink it.   For much more on this subject, read Carrot Juicing on this website.

Wheat grass juice.  Another helpful type of juice is wheat grass juice, about 1 to 2 ounces daily for an adult and less for children.  This is the only wheat product I suggest at all.  The new Champion juicer with wheat grass attachment, Greenstar and a few other motorized and hand juicers can produce wheat grass juice.  Of course, one must grow the wheat grass or buy it in order to juice it.

Other juices.  I don’t usually recommend other juices, as I do not think they are needed.  However, other vegetable juices may be helpful for specific ailments, at times, and are fine once in a while.  Once again, avoid more than about 10-12 ounces of any vegetable juice daily, and avoid all fruit juices, as they are too sweet and too yin for most people.  Juicing fresh herbs is also possible, but these are very strong, so be careful to use only a very small amount in your carrot juice.  Most herbs are very yin and many are slightly toxic as well, so this is not very recommended.  Some people juice sprouts.  This is okay, but most are slightly toxic, so beware.


Which juicer to buy or use.  For carrot juice, any vegetable juicer can be used.  Do not use a blender like a Vitamix or Ninja machine.  These leave too much pulp in the juice and usually mix it with too much water and air.  Centrifugal juicers waste more juice, but may be cheaper, such as the Jack Lalaine juicer that is under $100.00.  Masticating juicers such as the Champion and Greenstar waste less juice and are easier to clean.  The Champion is a rugged machine if you will be making juice for a large family.  Wheat grass juicers have been discussed above.




This procedure will do a lot to get rid of all sexually transmitted disease, and many other infections in the legs, genitals, and lower body.  It works quite well, although note that a dozen or more of these baths may be needed, and one must follow a complete nutritional balancing program at the same time.

To do this bath, add at least one cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a fairly hot bath.  The bath need not cover more than your legs if it is for healing of genital infections.

Relax for half an hour or up to one hour in the bath, to allow the peroxide to do its germ-killing job.  Then get out of the bath and do not rinse off.  Just get dressed. 

Use a little more of the peroxide if you can stand it.  Too much peroxide will cause a burning sensation in the genitals.  If this occurs, add a little hot water to the bath to dilute the peroxide.

Repeat the bath 2 or 3 times weekly, but not more often, as too many baths are too yin in macrobiotic terms.  Also, most people do not need these baths after about 1 year of use.

Ozone with the peroxide bath.  This will make the peroxide bath even better.  For this, you must buy an ozone generator that has a small tube as its ozone output.  The least expensive of these are ozonators designed for hot tubs.

Set up the ozone generator near the bathtub, being careful not to get water on it, as it is an electrical machine.  Then, you may run the tube from the generator into the bath with a bubbler to spread out the ozone.

For a more powerful application and to get rid of sexually transmitted diseases, do not just run the tube into the bath. Instead, put the end of the tube deep into the vagina or close to the penis.  Leave it there for 30 minutes or more while it bubbles ozone into the area. 




This simple procedure, borrowed from the hydrotherapy literature, is often effective for alleviating vaginal, bladder, uterine and even prostate difficulties.  Bladder and vaginal infections in women often respond very well to this procedure. Men can use it as well for urinary and penile difficulties.
            The genital bath is probably effective because the cold water causes a reaction that greatly enhances the blood flow to this area. This in turn assists the healing process. The procedure is as follows:

* Sit on the side of a bathtub facing into the bathtub.  Alternatively,  sit on a stool placed in the bathtub.  One can wear a shirt or sweater, as the water will be directed only at the genital area.

* Splash cold water on the genital area only, using a wash rag or a flexible shower attachment.

* Continue the procedure for 10 minutes, and repeat it three to five or more times per day.

* The genital bath can be repeated for as long as necessary with no ill effects.




The only time I suggest distilled water is during a healing reaction or purification reaction.  During such reactions, switching from spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water to drinking only distilled water for a few days to a week or so, may reduce symptoms.  The reason is that distilled water can act as a chelator and help remove toxic metals.  Be sure to switch back to spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water, however, after the reaction passes.

NOTE: Earlier articles on this website suggested drinking distilled water for several months when starting a nutritional balancing program.  I no longer recommend this because the bodies are very mineral-depleted and drinking distilled water (or reverse osmosis water) will make this depletion worse.







This ancient hydrotherapy method can greatly assist cleaning the colon of toxins and parasites.  A series of 5 or more at the beginning of a nutritional balancing program is very good for some people.  DO NOT KEEP DOING COLONICS DAY AFTER DAY, HOWEVER, because:

1. Colonic irrigation is too yin, introducing too much water into the colon if done too often.  Limit them to once or twice a year, and only if needed.  If one does coffee enemas daily, which I highly recommend, colonic irrigation should never be needed.



1. Be sure your colon therapist is reputable, mainly for cleanliness reasons.

2. If you need colonics to remove impacted fecal material, colonies of yeast, parasites and to clean out infected pockets in the colon, usually a series of six to twelve colonics is required.

3. Some colon therapists add oxygen, ozone, very diluted hydrogen peroxide or coffee to the irrigation water, and this seems to be is fine.




This is an ancient therapy.  There are many kinds of herbal packs and poultices.  Overall, these are very good.  Some are potato poultices, onion poultices, mustard poultices and others.  We don’t use them, as a rule, because they are a lot of trouble and we don’t find them necessary.




Alginates are particular chemicals found mainly in kelp and perhaps in a few other vegetables.  They bind many toxic metals in the intestines, preventing their absorption in the intestines.  In this regard, they are like the chelators, but they are safer.  The toxic metals then pass harmless out of the body.  I particularly recommend kelp as an excellent source of many minerals, vitamins and alginates.

Sodium alginate and perhaps other compounds of alginates can also be purchased in an isolated form.  This may help some people with mercury toxicity, for example.  However, it is rarely needed, and one must use caution with any chelating substance.

Modified citrus pectin is related to the alginates and may bind some toxic metals in the intestines as well.  It, too, is rarely needed, however, if one follows a complete nutritional balancing program.

Kelp and mud baths.  This is a newer method of replenishing minerals that is being researched at this time.  I will update this article as ore information becomes available.




This procedure was recommended often by Mr. Edgar Cayce.  We don’t use them much because they are less powerful than the methods above in most cases.  However, they appear to assist lymph circulation over the area where they are placed, in particular the stomach, liver or other parts of the abdomen.  They are also very relaxing for some people and they are completely safe as far as know.  Two common ways to do castor oil packs are:

1. The Daytime Method.  Pour pure castor oil onto a piece of flannel or other absorbent cloth that is about 1 foot long by 1 foot wide.  The cloth should be saturated and damp all over, but not dripping with the oil.  Castor oil can be bought at many drug stores.  Some outlets sell organic castor oil, but this is not needed in most cases.
            Place the pack directly on your skin, over your abdomen, or liver (upper right side of the abdomen) or wherever desired. Fold the cloth over once if it is too large.  Cover the pack completely with a large plastic bag lying flat.  Then place a heating pad on top of the plastic bag.  The plastic bag is there simply to keep the oil from soiling the heating pad.  Turn on the heating pad to its highest setting and relax in bed or on a couch with the pack for about 2 or more hours.
            To clean up, turn off the heating pad and put it away.  Remove the plastic bag and then remove the pack from your abdomen or wherever it is.  Wipe off the oil on your skin with a clean rag or paper towel soaked in a solution of baking soda.  He always recommended this.

Place the castor oil pack in a glass or plastic jar.  Screw on the top of the jar to keep the oil moist.  The pack can be reused many times without adding more oil, unless it is getting dried out.


2. Overnight method.  Create a castor oil pack as described above.  When you are ready for bed, place the pack on your abdomen, usually, or elsewhere, perhaps.  Cover the pack with a plastic bag, as above.
            Now wrap an Ace bandage around your waist and around the pack as tightly as you can comfortably stand it.  This is to hold the pack against your skin during the night.   Go to bed with the pack strapped on.  In the morning, remove the Ace bandage, remove the pack, wipe off the area and store the castor oil pack as described in method #1 above.




The liver-gall bladder flush is a non-surgical method to help remove gallstones.  It can also help remove stones in the liver itself.  Stones can apparently form in the liver, as well as in the gall bladder.  This  concept is explained below.

In almost all cases, this procedure can help avoid the need for gallbladder surgery.  An even better way to avoid gallbladder and many other surgeries that I find are rarely necessary is a complete nutritional balancing  program to restore the normal activity of the liver and gall bladder.
            A liver flush or two may help at the beginning of a nutritional program or if one is having severe liver or gall bladder problems.  I am not aware of complications or damage from this procedure, although occasionally someone remains nauseated for several days or more.  There are many variants to the liver-gallbladder flush procedure.  Here is the one I trust the most:



Mix 1/2-1 teaspoon of malic acid in 32 ounces of water.

Do not drink it all at once!  Drink it a little at a time throughout the day on an empty stomach.  Brush your teeth after each time that you drink a little.


To order malic acid: call Presque Isle Wine Cellars 814-725-1314 or go to



1. Drink the juice of 1/2 organic lemon in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar three times before 2:00 PM.

2. Do not have any dairy, oil, fat or meat for breakfast or lunch.  Food recommended is brown rice and steamed vegetables.

3. Have lunch by 2:00 PM and do not eat or drink between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

4. At 6:00 PM, mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts in 24 ounces of filtered or spring water.  This will make four 6-ounce servings. Drink one 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts.  Wait 30 minutes to drink water.  Drink as much water as

you like after 6:30 PM.

5. At 8:00 PM, drink another 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts. Wait 30 minutes to drink more water.  Put the other two servings of Epsom salts away until the next morning.

6. At 10:00 PM, mix half a cup of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with the juice of a whole fresh red organic grapefruit (pink is okay).  Stir and drink quickly.

7. Go to bed and lie down on your right side and be very still.



1. At 8:00 AM, do a coffee enema and drink one 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts.

2. At 4:00PM, do another coffee enema and drink the last 6-ounce serving of Epsom salts.

            I would skip your nutritional supplements on the seventh day.

If you have discomfort with the liver flush, rub the bottoms and the top of your feet and toes, including the liver areas (between the first and second toes on the top of the foot, all along the crevice between the two toes and back along the top of the foot).  There is also a liver area on the right foot behind the third, fourth and fifth toe (pinky), near the ball of the foot.  Rub the entire foot, however, and this can relieve discomfort of most types that might occur.

You can repeat the liver flush about every 4 months or so, if needed, for about a year while on a nutritional balancing program.  However, most people do not need it at all, even if gall stones are present.

This is not a complete substitute for gall bladder surgery.  Gall bladder disease can be due to gall stones, but it can also be due to infection or inflammation of the gall bladder.  Most gall bladder problems will eventually go away on a nutritional balancing program, even without doing liver-gallbladder flushes, but the procedure may help somewhat.  As for gall stones, most people have some.  They will come out each time.  They are not a serious problem in most cases.

Reducing stress in your life and reducing anger through forgiveness and healing is also excellent to reduce gall stones. Enhancing the oxidation rate with nutritional balancing and using the supplements also increases bile flow, and this helps prevent gall stone formation.  I rarely recommend gall bladder surgery, as I think it is one of the most ridiculous types of surgery.  If the gall bladder is not functioning correctly, then it is best to get to the core of the problem, and then it will function fine.

Occasionally there are parasites in this area, there is an acupuncture meridian that goes through this area, and the colon is near this area as well.  All of these structures and systems must be fixed, and can be fixed easily with a properly designed nutritional balancing program in practically all cases.  Then the gall bladder works just fine and is a good thing to keep in your body, if you can, and most people can.  So do not rush to surgery if your gall bladder still hurts or has problems after doing a few liver flushes.  More work is needed on your body, and that is all it means.  The diet must be corrected, with about 70% cooked vegetables, and some animal protein daily, no fruit, no sweets, no wheat and no refined or junk foods, for example.

Liver stones.  The liver-gallbladder flush can actually remove stones or calcium deposits that form within the bile ducts of the liver itself.  This may seem odd or preposterous, but I am told it is the case and surgeons encounter this in very ill patients when they operate on the liver and bile ducts.  This procedure seems to help break them up and remove them, relieving pressure in the liver and helping it to function better.

NOTE: If you are older than 65, or ill, please check with your doctor before doing this procedure.  I cannot be responsible for problems that may arise when doing a liver flush or any other procedure mentioned on this website.




Helpful and safe herbs for detoxification are milk thistle, dandelion root, Russian or Spanish black radish, burdock root, garlic, onion, and perhaps a few others.  These are always fine to add to nutritional balancing programs.

We discourage the ongoing use of other herbs, in most cases.  Unfortunately, most herbs are not powerful enough today and many are slightly toxic, as well.

Be sure to also avoid herbal chelators such as bugleweed, yellow dock, cilantro extract and chlorella.  These always seem to remove some essential minerals along with the toxic metals.  These vital minerals often cannot easily be replaced.  See the article on this website entitled  Chelation for more about chelation therapy for metal detoxification, and its problems.




            This is a large subject.  The following section discusses a few types of baths.  For much more detail on baths, please readBaths For Therapy on this website.




These cause some detoxification and are okay to use once in a while.  I don’t recommend steam, however, because 1) the temperature is too hot for most people, 2) chemicals from the water will get into the body unless the water is distilled or reverse osmosis, and 3) if used at a health club, the steam room may not be clean enough.

If you have a steam bath at home and the water in it is distilled or reverse osmosis, this method of detoxification is good, however.  It is not as good as near infrared sauna therapy, however.

Steam may be combined with ozone, and this is an excellent type of bath.




Some hot springs are quite therapeutic, while others can be toxic.  The difficulty is knowing which to visit.  An occasional visit to a hot spring can be a very relaxing and therapeutic vacation, however.  Just try to make sure the spring is safe and clean. 

We don’t advise too many hot spring or other baths all the time, however, because the water is yin and this will make the body very yin as well, if done too much.  Most people’s bodies are already too yin.  This is why the dry sauna is preferable in most cases.




            This is a simple, relaxing bath.  It can help relax tired or tense muscles and release some poisons as well.  Baths, however, are very yin, so use them only once or twice a week, at the very most.

            Procedure: As you fill a bathtub, add 3 to 4 pounds of Epsom salts to the bath water.  Water should be hot, but not scalding for the most relaxing and effective treatment. 

Submerge as much of your body, particularly your trunk, in the bath.  Stay in the water for 20 to 30 minutes.  There is no need to shower off after the bath.  You may, in this way, absorb more of the Epsom salts with their sulfur and magnesium.




This is primarily an alkalinizing and mineralizing bath.  It is inexpensive, usually comfortable, although the salt and soda bath can sting the skin a little at first.

This bath will remove certain toxins and even help with infection in some cases.  Again, only use them once a week, and only when needed.  More than this will always unbalance the body.

Procedure. As you let the water run into the bath tub, add about 2 pounds of baking soda and 2 pounds of sea salt.  Any type of sea salt will do, but do not use regular table salt or salt tablets of the type used in water softeners.  These are not quite as good.  Mix the salt and soda into the water.  The bath should be fairly hot for best results. 

Stay in the water for 20 to 30 minutes.  Then let the water out.  A shower may be helpful if you feel itchy or sticky from the salt.  However, a shower is not required afterwards.




Vitamin C is a powerful chelator, especially of copper and a few other minerals.  High doses can be used for detoxification, and it is used in some alcohol and drug detoxification centers with excellent success.  One reason for this is that it also stimulates adrenal activity, which is usually very weak in those who are using drugs, for example.  It is also good for a severe infection, and perhaps short term in other cases.

Longer-term use of high-dose vitamin C, however, is fraught with danger.  It is extremely yin in Chinese medical terms, so it will always unbalance the body.  It will also remove some calcium, zinc, manganese and other vital minerals.  These cannot just be replaced by adding some minerals to the IV bottle or by taking minerals orally.  The body is too complex to just pull out some minerals and put back a few others later.

Although a short series of intravenous or oral vitamin C treatments are fine, continued use always unbalances the body and I have never felt the need to recommend it.




These help a few people because they eliminate heavy and often indigestible food or junk food, and allergic foods in the diet.  They can be used as a quick transition to a better diet and better lifestyle.  However, they are rarely needed and I find them harmful. Their importance is very overrated.  Problems with them are:
            1) Deficient in many nutrients.  Often they are deficient in protein, essential fatty acids, and even calories.  They are usually deficient in sulfur because they don’t include meats and eggs.  Sulfur, as explained above, is absolutely needed for liver detoxification.  For this reason, they make people more nutritionally deficient and can have a counterproductive effect.
            2) They are usually very yin in Chinese terminology.  This means they are sugary, cold, watery, and broken up (as in the use of powders).  This reduces their effectiveness and often it makes them unbalance the body in very subtle ways.

3) The use of powders, juices and mixes are often poor food combinations.  This worsens digestion, even though may improve food allergies somewhat by eliminating some allergic components of the diet.

4) They may contain herbs, including spirulina, chlorella, cilantro and other substances that are slightly toxic, even if they are nourishing. 

5) They are not needed at all in most cases.  For these reasons, use extreme care with cleansing diets and preferably avoid them.


To learn much more on this topic, read Cleansing Diets and Fasting on this website.




These methods all can have definite merit.  We do not use them much, however, for the following reasons:


·           They require a trained person and are quite dependent upon the skill of the operator of the machine or technique.  It is hard to know,  at times, how skilled your practitioner is.  Thus we usually prefer methods that can be done inexpensively at home by anyone.

·           While they often give quick symptomatic results, they do not seem to have as many “side benefits” as do coffee enemas and the near infrared sauna, combined with a proper diet for one’s metabolic type and several supplements based on a properly performed and interpreted hair mineral test.

·           Most are quite yin, particularly the use of various electrical machines.  While they will cause some improvement, they may slow progress for this reason.

·           They may not cause as much mental or spiritual development.  This may be due to the fact that they tend to be extremely yin in Chinese medical terminology, or perhaps they do not remove toxins at the deeper levels of the body.  Another reason may be they do not demand enough change in lifestyle and diet of the client.  Development often requires some effort on the part of the client.




Used properly, these homeopathic remedies definitely have some benefit.  We don’t use them, however, and the reasons are explained in the paragraph above.




This is an ancient Japanese method of removing toxins through the bottoms of the feet.  Small tissue paper bags filled with various herbs are placed on the feet, and usually one sleeps with the pads overnight.  The pads can also be placed elsewhere on the body, such as over the liver or the kidneys.

I have less experience with this method.  However, I do not think it is all that effective.  It is safe, however, as far as I know, and perhaps more research will change my view. 




This can be an excellent detoxification bath.  The ozone adds significant oxygen to the body for the short time that one is in the steam cabinet.  The steam helps carry the ozone to the skin.  We don’t recommend these mainly because they are not as good as near infrared sauna therapy, in most instances.

However, adding oxygen to the body is always excellent and helpful.  Other simple methods to do this are deep breathing, adding ozone to your drinking water, a bath with a cup or so of 35% hydrogen peroxide, and our favored method of installing an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in your bedroom.  Click here for more on this method of oxygenating the body.  Some physicians also offer intravenous hydrogen peroxide or intravenous ozone, which can be excellent.  They are not included in this article because they are not home-based methods of detoxification, but they are helpful.




These will cause some detoxification, especially if heated to more than about 103 F.  However, they are not nearly as powerful as a near infrared sauna, coffee enemas and perhaps other methods.

Serious problems with hot tubs.  1) You will absorb chemicals from the water.  This cannot be avoided, unless one uses only distilled or reverse osmosis water to fill the tub.  Carbon-filtered water is better than using plain tap water in the tub, but not much as it does not remove toxic metals, fluoride and some other chemicals.

A second problem is that one absorbs some of the chemicals needed to sanitize the tub.  This can be avoided, often by skipping the chemicals and instead using 100-200 ppm of hydrogen peroxide to sanitize the tub.  Also, you may need to add a chemical to adjust the pH of the tub.

 If these cautions are observed, hot tubs can be relaxing and somewhat helpful for detoxification.  Otherwise, however, they are quite toxic, especially public hot tubs at hotels, exercise clubs and spas.  They are often breeding grounds for bacteria, virus, parasites and other micro-organisms, even if the tub is loaded with chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals, which should never touch your skin.   Even silver cartridges used to sanitize tubs are somewhat toxic, though much less so.  However, they also do not kill all the germs that well, either.  Remember that one will absorb the poisons from the tap water, if this used to fill the tub.

A better alternative to a hot tub can be a dip in a hot spring, if this is available.  Here the water is usually flowing, and it is pure spring water with no chemicals added.




Clay and some mud can be powerful detoxifiers and can help with many skin and other types of health conditions, including even cancers.  I don’t recommend them, in part because we don’t find them necessary, and in part because they can be quite toxic.  Clay tends to contain a lot of aluminum, among other toxic metals.  Also, they may not be nearly as powerful as the sauna or enemas, although this could depend on the clay product that is used.

However, for short-term use such as on a vacation at a spa, they are fine.  Some can be used longer-term, but it is hard to know which are safe.





Vigorous exercise to induce sweating.  Many people say they do not need to detoxify because they sweat profusely when they run, play tennis or do other common exercise.  Sweating with exercise is excellent.  However, the sympathetic nervous system is activated during exercise, so the amount of toxin removal is much less.  Also, exercise uses up a lot of energy that could be used for detoxification in a sauna or doing another procedure.  For this reason, I do not recommend vigorous exercise, ever, and I do not consider exercise a valid method of detoxification by itself.


Chelation therapy.  Oral, intravenous, or other types of chelation tend to unbalance the body chemistry severely, removes some vital minerals along with the toxic ones, is toxic for the kidneys, and does not do nearly as good a job as nutritional balancing. 

Please avoid chelation, in general.  However, it is better than bypass surgery and helpful in a few cases.  This large subject is discussed in  more detail in a separate article, entitled Chelation Therapy.


Drinking salt water.  Salt water will pull a certain amount of toxic substances out of the body by osmosis.  However, the long-term effects are questionable, at best, and it doesn’t work very well.

Salt is an unbalanced mineral product and will slowly change the mineral balance of the body.  Salt water has been known to kill, if one drinks enough, by upsetting the mineral balance.  Avoid this method completely.


Ionic foot baths.  These consist of an electrical array, as it is called, that is placed in a small tub of water, in which one places the feet.  It can also be placed in a bath tub that one lies in.

While they are excellent to remove some toxins, all ionic foot baths I have reviewed spin the chakras backwards and damage a person’s etheric energy field.  It can take more than a year to recover.  This is a subtle problem, and occasional use such as once per month seems to be safe.  However, regular use is not safe, so I cannot suggest their use much at all.  I also suspect these machines cause a yin effect upon the body.


Alkaline water for drinking.  I know of two types of alkaline water systems.  Both have similar problems.  The first type are more popular and are free-standing kitchen units.  These include the Jupiter, I-Water, Kagen, and others.  

These devices begin with tap water.  The water passes through a carbon filter, which does not remove many toxic metals and often does not even remove too many toxic chemicals because the water must move quickly through the filter.

Then the water passes over electrified platinum and titanium plates to alkalinize it.  Platinum is a very toxic metal, as is titanium.  Then many of the machines add a calcium solution or powder to the water to further enhance its alkalinity.  I believe this is a prescription for disaster in the long run for the following reasons:


·           Carbon-filtered tap water is not a very good base water, since carbon cannot filter out most toxic metals and many toxic chemicals, no matter what the manufacturers claim.  When water passes quickly over carbon, not that much is removed.

·           Platinum is too toxic for any human exposure, in my view.  While the amount of exposure is small, we have noted that after using the machine for 6 months or so, everyone who uses one is developing a little platinum toxicity, which can be deadly.  The amount of platinum absorbed will depend upon one’s tap water and one’s body chemistry.  The more poorly nourished one is, the more platinum one is likely to absorb.  Other factors such as one’s age, vitality, etc. also have an effect.

·           The calcium powder is often coral calcium or some other contaminated product that adds more toxic metals.

·           The alkaline water that is produced has a yin effect on the body that makes one feel better, but is not helpful for deep healing and spiritual development at all. 


If you have an alkaline  machine, at least do not add the powder, and turn off the alkalinization feature if you can, and just use it as a water filter.  Preferably unplug the unit so there is no chance that the platinum plates are electrified and leaching more platinum into your body.  This is better, though your water is still passing over platinum, which is perhaps harmful.  I have seen terrible problems caused by these machines when used daily for more than 6 months or so, even though the damage is very subtle at first.

I also do not like the advertising for these machines with false claims that most Japanese hospitals and the public in Japan uses them.  I do not believe this is true.

An even worse type of alkaline water is sold in health food stores and at water stores that sell RO or reverse osmosis water. A calcium solution or powder, often coral calcium, is added to the reverse osmosis water to alkalinize it.  Problems with this setup are:


·           Reverse osmosis does not hydrate the body well at all and should never be used for daily drinking water by most people.

·           The calcium solution or powder, especially if it is made from coral calcium, may contain toxic metals.

·           When toxic metals are added to reverse osmosis water, the ‘hungry water’ seems to take up the metals easily and drive them deep into the body cells and the kidneys.


Plain spring water, even if it is not very alkaline, nourishes the body with many alkaline-forming minerals.  Along with a proper diet of cooked vegetables, some animal protein and whole grains, but not wheat, the body will slowly become more alkaline in a natural way.   Please do not be fooled by claims that the coral calcium is safe or that every family in Japan uses an alkaline water machine.


Fasting.  Unfortunately, fasting for more than two or three days on water alone cannot be recommended.  This was formerly an excellent method of healing.  However, my experience is that today the bodies are so toxic and so depleted of nutrients, that longer fasts make one more toxic and more depleted.  I have seen this repeatedly in my practice.

In fact, I worked as medical director of a fasting spa for several years and placed over 600 people on fasts.  Results were disappointing, though most people will lose weight.  I also fasted myself, and found that it harmed my health, not helped it.

Nutritional balancing science was designed for today’s horrendous health challenges and is far safer than fasting.  Fasting was appropriate in years past, when most of the classic books about it were written.

Juice fasts are far safer, but very yin and sugary, and not generally advisable for more than a few days, at most.  A carrot juice fast might work, but is still very sugary and yin, so I cannot even recommend that for more than a day or two.  To learn more, read Fasting on this website.


Ingesting Bentonite, Azomite, Montmorilliinite, Zeolite or other clay products.  This is very popular today.  However, we find that none of these are powerful enough to remove deeper layers of toxic metals.

Even worse, all of these products must contain aluminum, as all clay does, and often contains other toxic metals as well.  I believe that the makers of these products are not honest about the contents of the products. 

I often hear that these products are not toxic, when they are.  Just because the aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic and other metals are “in a natural form” does not mean they are not highly toxic.  Although they can remove some toxic metals short-term, please avoid these products.


Oil Pulling.  This is an ancient Ayurvedic method of detoxification that is not very effective, and therefore I would avoid it.