by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© January 2012, The Center For Development

According to the United States EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, the most important threat to both human, animal and plant life on earth comes from the effects of toxic chemicals.

Hundreds of thousands of chemicals have been produced in the world in the past two hundred years, especially, often with little understanding of their toxicity - until a problem arises.  It is impossible for the governments and health authorities to keep up with the design and manufacture of new chemical substances as our understanding of chemistry becomes greater and greater.  While I do not like the EPA in some ways, they have tried to limit the spread of many deadly chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, solvents, toxic plastics, and others.

The toxic chemical problem.  Thousands of toxic chemicals have found their way into our air, food and water supplies worldwide.  No place on earth is free of them anymore because they are carried by the wind and the rain to every corner of the earth.  Most people on earth are quite toxic with hundreds of deadly chemicals all over in their bodies.  Babies are all born with them, also, because they are transferred into them from their mothers during pregnancy.  They can contribute to every possible type of physical and mental health problem imaginable.  To make things worse, many of these chemicals are difficult or expensive to identify or test because they are complex and subtle chemicals.

            This article discusses how you can prevent or minimize chemical toxicity, and more importantly, how you can get rid of it from your body and your brain.


There is much anyone can do to minimize exposure to toxic chemicals.  Here is a short list of items:

Ø  General suggestions.  Wash your hands often, several times daily, and much more if you travel, spend time around others, work outside or with any type of chemicals, or even if you work with wood or metals, or in an office.  This will keep chemicals off your hands, because many are absorbed through the skin.

Ø  Clean up your home, work area, recreational areas, automobiles and other places you spend time.  Leaving things around often causes chemicals to deposit or sit around, and then you touch them, or breathe them, or they get on food. 

Ø  Keep the body clean.  You need not shower daily, but don’t allow chemicals to be on your skin for very long.  Definitely shower daily if you work around chemicals of any type, or are with others who smoke or work around chemicals.  Showering every other day is wise.

Ø  Food.  Eat organically grown food.  Pesticides are among the most toxic chemicals on planet earth.  Also, never use pesticides around the house or garden.  Use only natural sprays and insecticides.

Ø  Avoid most fast food restaurants and most chain restaurants, as most use many chemical additives in the food.  If possible, cook and prepare your own food, and use only natural ingredients.  Read labels carefully and minimize preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, MSG, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, and avoid fructose, which is processed with mercury.

Ø  Avoid aluminum cookware, unless it is covered by another, safer material so that the food does not touch the aluminum part of the pot or pan.

Ø  If possible eat only fresh food.  Some food packaging is full of chemicals.  Exception are it is okay to drink bottled water in plastic bottles, as it is often better than tap water.  Also, blue corn chips, and cheese, fresh meats and some vegetables are okay packed in plastic, especially if they will be cooked.

Ø  Water. Tap water is usually not the best water to drink, no matter what the authorities tell you.  Most tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, some toxic metals, and hundreds of toxic chemical residues.  Today most tap water even has residues of medical drugs.  You can be taking half a dozen medical drugs just by drinking tap water. 

Ø  Natural spring water is usually best.  Most spring water in the Untied States is regulated by the government, and most of it excellent.  I know some health authorities don’t agree, but that is our experience.  We find that drinking from plastic bottles is fine, although one can perhaps obtain free spring water by looking for a local spring at

Ø  Never drink reverse osmosis water. For most people, it does not hydrate the body well enough, it is too yin in Chinese medical terms, and it seems to cause a type of plastic poisoning.  Reverse osmosis water is made by passing the water through a plastic membrane.
Also avoid “drinking water”, “purified water” and most designer or special waters, as most are made from reverse osmosis water.  For much more on this topic, read Water For Drinking on this website.

Ø  In many cities and nations, I would not take baths.  The water is quite toxic in some areas, even if it is not too chlorinated and fluoridated.  These are just two of hundreds of toxins in some tap water.  Showering quickly is usually best everywhere, unless you know the water is pure, which is rare.

Ø  Strictly avoid all hot tubs and swimming pools.  I know this is difficult sometimes.  However, these are always toxic, even if they are purified and sanitized with natural substances.  They are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, parasites and more.  Chlorine, bromine, silver cartridges and ozone cannot kill all the bacteria and viruses, and the tap water is not that clean, either.

Ø  Be careful bathing in hot springs, rivers, streams and lakes.  These can be polluted, and may not smell bad or offer any other type of indication of their toxicity.  This is unfortunate, but try to check the place you swim before going there.  The ocean is better, by the way.  Salt water purifies itself more than fresh water.

Ø  Body care.  Use only natural soaps, cleansers, solvents, and other household chemicals.  Do not use smelly, chemical products on your body! A lot of them – shampoos, creams, lotions, toothpaste with fluoride, mouth washes, anti-perspirants, hair spray, etc. are horrible chemical concoctions.  It is worth going to the health food store and finding natural alternatives.

Ø  Do not use nail polish, one of the most toxic chemicals in existence.  If you want to paint your nails, try to use only natural cosmetics, or at least paint your nails outside in the fresh air and don’t ever breathe nail polish, as it is highly toxic. 

Ø  Clothing and fabrics.  Wear natural fiber clothing, if possible, especially underwear that is against the skin, and wash new clothing before wearing it.  Preferably use natural soaps and detergents to wash your clothes and dishes.

Ø  Many fabrics for things like curtains are sprayed and many are bleached, today.  Stay with natural fabrics for curtains, and every other use.  New furniture can be quite toxic due to the foam rubber and other chemicals.  Slightly older furniture is better, and non-toxic materials are best.

Ø  Occupational exposure.  If possible, stay away from jobs in which you must handle a lot of toxic substances.  This is getting better, but is still a problem in the areas as auto repair, construction, waste disposal, printing, metal-working, soldering, welding, mining, some electronics work with circuit boards, plastics manufacture, agricultural jobs, and some other types of manufacturing that involve toxic chemicals.

Ø  Medical and dental exposures.  If at all possible, stay away from most, if not all medical drugs, and sadly, avoid most herbal remedies as well. Herbs are generally okay for short periods of time, but not for extended use.  Even avoid random vitamins, minerals and other “natural products”.  The worst are humic acid, fulvic acid, all chelators, colloidal minerals, sea-based minerals, and a few others.

Ø  Avoid medical contrast media, if at all possible.  These are used with x-rays, which are also quite toxic, and with MRI, PET and other scans. Some are quite deadly if one is sensitive to them.  Make sure you have to have a scan or don’t do it.

Ø  Minimize all x-rays and especially CAT scans, which give one a lot more x-rays than other types of scans.  Minimize fluoroscopic surgery for this reason, as well, if at all possible.

Ø  Have all your silver/mercury dental amalgams removed and replaced as soon as possible.  Try not to have metals and too many chemicals in the mouth, or anywhere in or on the body.  For example, do not get tattoos, and do not wear costume jewelry, as it is usually plated with nickel, a very toxic metal.  Piercing the body with rings and other things also causes toxicity with metals or chemicals, and is not a wise idea.  It can also cause nasty infections.

Ø  Air quality.  If possible, avoid buying or living in most brand new homes, unless they are “environmentally friendly”.  Most new homes and offices are quite toxic.  Don’t move in unless a home is a few years old and has had a chance to outgas.  The same goes for office space.

Ø  If possible, avoid carpeting completely.  New carpet is almost always pretty toxic.  Older carpeting is less toxic, but usually dirty and infected with mold, fungi and other ‘bugs’.

Ø  Avoid new automobiles.  Let them outgas for a year or more before riding in one, or buying one.  If you must buy or ride in a new one, place anozonator in it overnight or better, for a few days, to reduce the amount of chemical toxicity in it.

Ø  If possible, do not even handle new plastic equipment, computers, copiers etc.  All are somewhat toxic.  Let others do this, if possible, until the machines have outgassed for a few days, at least.

Ø  If at all possible, live outside of a large city, or in a city that gets sea breezes to provide fresh, oxygen-rich air.  Also, never walk or jog along a highway, and try not to breathe automobile fumes for any reason.  Driving in cities, for example, and even in rural areas, is highly toxic if you must inhale auto fumes for hours on end.  A short drive is usually fine.

Ø  Install an ionizer/ozonator air purifier in your home.

Ø  Travel.  Traveling on aircraft, buses, trains and other public transportation is always more toxic than riding in a private car.  Public or mass transportation just exposes you to many people’s germs, and perhaps other hazards.  Aircraft unfortunately all offer a lot of electromagnetic pollution as well, while other modes of travel have much less, in general.  For more on this, read Safe Travel on this website.

Ø  Recreation and hobbies.  Sadly, golf courses are usually heavily sprayed with pesticides.  If you must golf, wear long pants and long sleeve shirts, if possible, and socks, rather than sandals.  Change your clothes and wash everything you wore on the golf course to remove pesticide residues.

Ø  Some hobbies are quite toxic, such as many types of glue and paints used in model airplanes.  Oil painting, some sculpture, even clays, lead glazing, lead used in stained glass window design, molding bullets out of lead, soldering projects, welding projects, and others can be quite toxic if you do it often.  Pay attention to any toxic substances you may use for any purpose at all.



Conventional medical care offers very few remedies for toxic chemical poisoning, which now affects everyone on planet earth.  This is very unfortunate, as the doctors are the health authorities that most people turn to when there is an episode of toxicity such as a “cancer cluster”, or an epidemic of autism or birth defects.  The medical profession is often at a loss to help, and often pretends to know what to do when they really do not know at all.  This is the sad situation of chemical toxicity on planet earth.

However, there is a bright spot in this picture.  Nutritional balancing science offers simple, inexpensive and absolutely effective ways to remove hundreds, if not thousands of chemical toxins from the body.



                  This is done via about 10 or more mechanisms that all occur at the same time.  These include but are not limited to:

1. Replenishing dozens of vital nutrients.  This boosts the body’s innate ability to remove all foreign substances from the body.  This is a slow process that must be done carefully, so as not to overwhelm the body with too many supplements or even with the incorrect foods that would otherwise unbalance the overall vitality of the body.  The body has buffering systems that prevent too much absorption of nutrients at one time.  Also, minerals and some other nutrients compete for absorption in the intestines.  Just giving a load of minerals will not guarantee proper absorption and utilization.  It must be done correctly and slowly.  The concept of balancing the oxidation rate is the key to nutritional balancing science and is discussed below.

2. Supporting and rebuilding the organs of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, skin, intestines and lungs.  This occurs when one balances the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios, as revealed on a properly performed hair mineral analysis.  It also involves removing two dozen toxic metals, renourishing the entire body, specific food supplements, and the use of precise detoxification procedures such as near infrared sauna therapy and coffee enemas or colon cleansing. 

3. Balancing the autonomic nervous system. In many people today, the sympathetic nervous system is overactive and exhausted. This impairs detoxification.  Correcting this imbalance requires the proper diet, the use of a few supplements, the detoxification procedures, and a healthful lifestyle.

4. Enhancing blood circulation to help the body move toxic substances out of the body.  Sauna therapy is fabulous for this purpose, as is balancing the autonomic nervous system, a key part of a properly designed nutritional balancing program.  A proper lifestyle is also very important, such as dressing correctly to keep warm, resting enough.

5. Enhancing the oxygen content of the body.  Adequate oxygenation of the body destroys many chemical toxins.  Balancing the body chemistry, deep breathing, and the detoxification procedures all help this to occur.  I generally do not suggest vigorous exercise, however, because most people are too tired and it becomes an added stress on the body.  It is also not needed, at all.  

6. Improving the hydration or water content of the body tissues.  This is a greatly overlooked aspect of healing today.  For example, I find that reverse osmosis water, also called ‘purified water’ or ‘drinking water’ does not hydrate the body adequately.  Alkaline water is also not very good.  I prefer a natural spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water only for drinking.  Adults need to drink about three quarts or water daily.  Also, coffee, tea, juices, soda pop and other beverages cannot substitute for pure water.  In fact, anything sweet such as fruit juices or even fruit or sugars, caffeine in any form, or alcohol in any form tends to dehydrate the body, and increases water requirements.  For more on this subject, read Water For Drinking and Hydration on this website.

7. Removing two dozen toxic metals. Toxic metals block thousands of enzymes needed for the removal of toxic chemicals from the body.  As the metals are removed, the vitality of the body improves drastically, assisting chemical detoxification.  Balancing body chemistry also helps activate these enzymes.

Nutritional balancing programs can remove toxic metals without needing chelation, which we find dangerous and not necessary.  The problem with chelation is that all chelators, even natural ones, remove some vital minerals along with the toxic ones, that cannot be easily replaced.  For more on this topic, read Chelation on this website.

8. Making the body much more yang in Chinese medical terms.  This is a subtle aspect of balancing the body that can make a huge difference in vitality and every other measure of health.  A more yang body can literally squeeze out certain toxins, which are very yin.

9. Lifestyle plays an important role through the avoidance of all toxic chemicals. These include almost all medical drugs unless absolutely needed for emergencies, as well as avoiding all hormones, including bio-identical hormones, all vaccines, fluoridated and chlorinated water, almost all food chemicals, dental amalgams and other toxic exposures.

10. Adding the daily use of a near infrared sauna for several years greatly enhances the ability of the body to remove toxins through the skin, in particular.  The skin is the largest eliminative organ of the body, but it is congested and sluggish in most people.

11. The use of the daily coffee enema is another fabulous way to greatly enhance detoxification through the liver.  Originally used by Max Gerson, MD for cancer and other chronic diseases, the coffee enemas is truly amazing in its simplicity, low cost, safety and effectiveness.

12. Equally important is that nutritional balancing carefully avoids procedures and products that are somewhat toxic or that can easily unbalance body chemistry.  These methods include most herbs, which have become somewhat toxic, most medical drugs, and other methods such as chelation therapy and all hormone replacement therapies.  I do not find them necessary and have found too many problems with them.



Although a complete nutritional balancing program is by far the best way to remove chemical toxins, in my view, a few specific substances may be helpful.  These are all used in some nutritional balancing programs:

Kelp. Kelp is an excellent and inexpensive source of iodine and many minerals needed for detoxification.

GB-3. This is a powerful digestive aid and liver detoxification formula containin Russian black radish, pancreatin and dehydrocholic acid, a bile acid.  Assisting the liver is a key to promoting chemical detoxification.

Calcium and magnesium. These are also given to everyone, as most people are low in these two basic minerals that also assist the liver and the nervous system, primarily, though they are helpful for the entire body.

Renamide.  Many chemicals can be removed to some degree by the kidneys.  We often use a formula containing kidney glandular substance, uva urse, carbamide and vitamins A and C to assist kidney activity.

Fish oil and vitamin D supplements.  These are also helpful for cell membrane function and many other activities in the body related to detoxification.

Garlic.  Garlic may be helpful for several reasons.  It contains selenium, needed for glutathione activity in the liver, where most detoxification of toxic chemicals occurs.  It also contains allicin, a chemical that also appears helpful for chemical removal.  It also contains a lot of sulfur-containing amino acids, which are also helpful for liver detoxification.  It also contains aromatic oils that may be helpful.  Garlic an be taken orally, or even added to an enema.