by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© July 2011, The Center For Development, Inc.


This article is difficult to write, because I must be critical of some very well known practitioners, including Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, and many others.  However, I cannot recommend NART, resonance response testing, and most other kinesiological and acupuncture testing techniques used for recommending nutritional products.

I realize that they give very fast symptomatic relief and this is amazing to see and wonderful for the patient or client.  However, in all cases that I have investigated, they unbalance body chemistry and lead to worse problems later.  In all cases they are symptomatic methods that do not address the deeper nutritional imbalances such as toxic metal excess and serious deficiency states that everyone today has.  This is the reason I cannot recommend these methods, and why they are actually as dangerous as using drugs, or worse.

They are as dangerous or worse than drugs because they give the person the feeling that they are better, when they are really not better at all.  They are simply more balanced in some way, so the body works better. 

The same problem applies to Jin Shin Jyutsu, most acupuncture, most acupressure, some reflexology if one alone as a pure balancing method, which I do not do, and other strictly balancing methods such as Toftness and other chiropractic methods, at times.  The person will feel better but the method does not correct at the deepest level to begin with, as does nutritional balancing, and that is the difference.


With NART and most kinesological and reflex response testing, or acupuncture testing, one looks for the most imbalanced part of the body such as the thyroid gland, or perhaps the adrenals, or the spleen, or the stomach, or something else.  Or one might find the worst imbalance in the upper spine, for example, with some chiropractic techniques.

Then one corrects this and the patient feels better.  The patient is then directed, usually, to return for another visit in a week or whenever and the practitioner does the method again, and corrects the next “level” or layer of imbalance.  The idea is that by doing this over and over, one will eventually clear the body of all imbalances.

Chelating doctors do the same thing.  They detect the worst toxic metal such as mercury, for example, and then they give a series of treatments or a product such as chlorella or vitamins to correct this.  Then they may do another test and find the next worse problem, and treat that, and so on.

The problem with this method is that there is no “big picture”  in these methods.  It is all superficial, going layer by layer, but only in a certain direction such as acupuncture meridians, autonomic reflexes, toxic metals, or something else.  At least with constitutional homeopathy, they try to take into account many symptoms, although it is just talking, not medical testing, and this is also a problem.  I maintain that these methods do not work well, and they are all missing a central ingredient of what may be called the big picture.

 By comparison, nutritional balancing, by paying the most attention to the oxidation rate and to the major mineral ratios, regardless of everything else, always starts and finishes at the deepest level.  Correcting other things such as the liver, kidneys, thyroid, adrenals, digestion, etc. is always made secondary.  This is the critical difference between these methods.  So please stay away from all autonomic reflex testing, kinesiology, meridian testing, and most electrical testing methods as well.