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Nutrition and Children’s Health CD

Children are born with nutrient deficiencies, toxic metals and other chemical imbalances.

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Children are all born today with significant nutrient deficiencies, toxic metal excesses, and other serious biochemical imbalances.  This is crystal clear from a properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  It is a shocking situation that must be remedied now.  Otherwise our nation’s and the world’s children will continue to sicken, costing the nations trillions of dollars and causing endless and needless suffering.
Children, in fact, are often the most poorly nourished group in society.  This is horrible, and made even worse by medical abominations such as vaccines, medical drugs, too many medical tests, atrocious diets, chemicals in their food and water, and other horrors.
The children of the world cry out for a sane government and parental policy to produce and raise them in a healthy way.  Their pre-natal care is often worse than nothing.  Mothers-to-be are allowed to eat junk foods, use alcohol and even marijuana, and live unhealthful lifestyles in the extreme.  All of this is actually sanctioned by the medical profession, which has fallen down in their job to a horrendous degree with children and pre-natal care.
The results are predictable and are occurring now.  They include an ever-increasing incidence of birth defects, now renamed as developmental delays.  They also include attention deficit disorder, the autism epidemic, allergies, depression, cancers, diabetes and other diseases that we absolutely unheard of in children even 50 years ago.
This critical CD program includes several case histories and other examples of how nutrition affects children’s health, behavior and well-being, perhaps the most important topic of our day if we wish to excel as a civilization in the future.