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The Meditation Exercise for Healing CD

A powerful meditation program for deep healing and mental development.

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This is one of the most important compact disc programs for anyone who wishes to move along on the path of deep healing and mental development.  It describes and helps you to stay focused as it teaches you a rather simple, yet very powerful healing practice.  The focus is on sending energy downward through the body.
To understand the critical importance of this practice, read the articles entitled Meditation and Downward Flowing Energy And Healing on this website.
The technique is quite extraordinary, and is the only one of its type I recommend because it is the safest, and it is grounding and centering, which almost everyone needs today.  It works on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.  I recommend it for all adults and even some teenagers.
It is based on the teachings of Mr. Roy Masters.  Although he is a spiritual Christian, the exercise is non-denominational, and is really about human biochemistry and physiology, not religion in any way.
This particular exercise has been an amazing blessing for thousands of people.  It is even being used by the US military forces to help soldiers plagued by post-traumatic stress disorder and other ailments.  I cannot recommend it highly enough, and be careful with other meditations of all kinds that do not move energy downward through the body.