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Adrenal Burnout Syndrome CD

Adrenal burnout syndrome is the name given to a very common condition on planet earth today.

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Adrenal burnout syndrome is the name given to a very common condition on planet earth today.  Adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency or adrenal exhaustion are other names for the same condition.  It should be given far more attention by the medical profession, who unfortunately are unable to diagnose it in most cases, so it is ignored and misdiagnosed as depression, hypothyroidism and other things.  Adrenal burnout is also the first step in many cases toward far more serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.
Literally millions of people waste their time and money with anti-depressant drugs, tranquilizers, anti-acids, sleeping pills and thyroid medication, among others, when they could be getting well from adrenal fatigue.
Basically, the adrenal glands are nutritionally depleted, and often the entire autonomic and voluntary nervous system is also out of balance and not functioning properly.  This causes or aggravates a range of symptoms that may include fatigue, depression, weight gain, thyroid problems of all kinds, sleep problems, joint pain, headaches and many others.
This program discusses the causes, symptoms and correction procedures using nutritional balancing science for this common condition.   The procedures include a healthful lifestyle, specfic dietary suggestions, specific supplementation, detoxification procedures and other measures.   Nutritional balancing does not involve any type of hormone replacement therapy, herbal therapy or chelation therapies.  Providing one’s adrenal glands and thyroid gland have not been removed, these are unnecessary, and we find these other methods to be more dangerous and less effective for deep healing than our methods.  Nutritional balancing is a highly sophisticated diet, supplement and lifestyle-based method developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck in the 1970s and 1980s.